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With many years' experience in the business of Classic Cars and having a keen passion for the hobby of collecting, we will give you our opinion of the value on the local market and abroad.


Contact us if you need a valuation or suggested price.



Market your Classic on our Website and make use of the network of Classic Car enthusiasts that will be reached.

Should you wish to place adverts wanted and for sale, Cars, projects or spares or services, please feel free to send details to , or


Please list a price with your submission, or contact us if you need a valuation or suggested price.



Done on site in our workshop facility, maintenance of your Classic Car is performed by the dedicated team.

A mutual passion for Classics has morphed from a full scale restoration business, to a smaller more enjoyable restoration and specialist Classic Car service and repair facility.



Swopping and trading of our Cars and Spares to fellow enthusiasts is our business.




Special projects will be considered by our small team of highly skilled experts.



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